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Life lessons: 16 moments when animals are better than humans

9/ Amphibians are just as graceful on land as in water

Professional divers might think that are at ease when they plunge into the abyss. However without all the technical material, it would be difficult to compete with amphibians!

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Credits : Pexels

10/ Zebras and iguanas trust their young from birth

Small iguanas from the Galapagos Islands leave their children to their own devices! However what a price to pay… After hatching under the sand, baby iguanas have to cross a real minefield to reach the beach and their parents don’t worry a jot. Young iguanas have to prove the skill against their formidable predators, snakes. The same goes for zebras, who, a few hours after being born, have to travel several hundred kilometers to find fresh food. They have to cross fords infested with hippos as well as coming across other complications. However the mother always believes in her offspring, who follow her everywhere. This bond between parents and children is something we could learn from.

11/ Singing birds

No matter how clear your voice is, we regret to inform you, birds will always have the upper hand. They never hit a bum note!

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Credits : Pexels

12/ A dogs sense of smell

Even if you have a nose for whisky, your sense of smell will never beat a dogs.  It is just the way it is and you can’t do anything about it!

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Credits : Pexels

13/ Pets don’t judge

Whether you are a charitable soul or a piece of junk, your pet will love you as if you were everything in the world to them.  Animals don’t judge if you are kind to them.

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Credits : Pexels

14/ Elephants and birds never forget

Do you always forget a friend and relatives birthday or a upcoming meeting? Think like an elephant they never forget!

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Pixabay / kikatani

15/ Hunt like a cat

Humans certainly aren’t as stealthy when it comes to hunting in the forest. It is safe to say that cats have the upper hand!

16/ Respect for the planet

Unlike humans, animals do not require much to live on.  They don’t contribute to global warming with their superfluous habits.  Maybe we could learn a thing or two!

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Credits : Pixabay
Beautiful life lessons which humans could learn from to help create a better world.

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