Smartphone: 13 great ways to customise your phone!

Credit: YouTube Screenshots: "23 BRILLIANT PHONE HACKS", 5-Minute Crafts

It is difficult to live, in today’s society, without a smartphone.  So much so that those who don’t own a smartphone are few and far between… Whether it is better to have a smartphone or not sparks much debate. While you ponder over this question however, here are some great tips on how to customise your smartphone to make your life easier in many scenarios! 

Customising your smartphone is a great idea as long as your don’t damage or interfere with any of its functions… Your smartphone has a multitude of surprises up its sleeve as you can make yourself a more resistant case, an updated cover or a miniature home cinema.

1/ A miniature home cinema with a cardboard box…

You will certainly look a bit silly if some one sees you with a cardboard box strapped to your head but who cares what people think… they are missing a trick!  By cutting holes in your box big enough for your head and for your phone you can now watch your TV series in peace!

customiser son smartphone
YouTube screenshot: “23 BRILLIANT PHONE HACKS”, 5-Minute Crafts

2/ Use a rubber to make your smartphone screen sparkle in a blink of an eye!

With just a simple rubber you can have a smartphone screen that will be the envy of everyone in a few seconds flat!  You’d never have thought it could be that simple!

nettoyer la vitre de son smartphone gomme
YouTube screenshot: “23 BRILLIANT PHONE HACKS”, 5-Minute Crafts

3/ Update your background screen with your contact details in case you lose your phone

If you are a bit scatter brained and you have already lost your phone in the past, spare yourself from repeating the same scenario again! Update your background with your name and contact telephone number in case you lose your phone. If your phone finds itself in the hands of a decent person they will be able to contact you to get it back to you safe and sound!

vol smartphone astuces
YouTube screenshot: “23 BRILLIANT PHONE HACKS”, 5-Minute Crafts

4/ Make a projector for your phone using an old shoe box!

You can now show your photos on a big screen wherever you want!  Cut out a circle shape in your shoe box and place a magnifying glass into the hole.  Place your phone inside the box and the project your images onto the wall!

customiser son smartphone
Edit: Video screenshot YouTube/One-Minute-Craft

5/ A stylish charger cable that takes up less space

Wrap the charger cable for your smartphone around a large felt tip pen or a marker pen and then heat the cable for a few seconds with your hairdryer.  Unravel the cable from the pen and your will have a neat, twisted loop.  It’ll save you a lot of space on your already cluttered desk!

cordon smartphone
YouTube screenshot: “23 BRILLIANT PHONE HACKS”, 5-Minute Crafts

6/ Camping lamp

Make an improvised camping lamp by placing a glass filled with water on top of your torch light on your smartphone.  You’ll be able to light your tent in a blink of an eye!

customiser sa lampe torche de smartphone
YouTube screenshot: “23 BRILLIANT PHONE HACKS”, 5-Minute Craftss

7/ Shrink a balloon to make a waterproof case

Are you currently without a smartphone case?  You can flatten a balloon by placing your smartphone on top!  Now you’ll have a waterproof smartphone with a bit of character… Be careful as only the back of the phone is protected so the screen can still get damaged!)

customiser son smartphone ballon de baudruche
YouTube screenshot: “23 BRILLIANT PHONE HACKS”, 5-Minute Crafts