Strange addictions: 10 surprising human addictions

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Although there are many common additions like alcohol or cigarettes, there are also many other more strange addictions that can be dangerous for humans.  Potomania, urinotherapy… we are pretty sure that these are new concepts for you.  Read on to find out more!

Everyone suffers from some form of addiction no matter how normal or strange it is.  There are many types of addictions like cigarettes, alcohol, cleaning or chocolate… our body is always looking for more!  However having an addiction can have severe consequences on our health.  Here are 10 more unusual human addictions.

1/ Drinking water

Potomania is when someone needs to drink water all the time as they don’t want to feel like the have not drunk enough. They can often suffer from a sore throat or can become irritable.  Although our body needs water to stay on form, it is also not good to drink too much water either.  Someone who suffers from this addiction can drink up to 10 litres of water per day which is excessively dangerous. This can cause a significant reduction in salt levels in the blood which is necessary for the nervous system to function properly.  What is more our bladder can only hold a certain amount of liquid so you’ll have to constantly need to go to the toilet.

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2/ Drinking urine

Urine therapy has converted a number of people.  According to some, drinking urine can help many health problems like asthma, allergies and skin conditions. However this therapy hasn’t been scientifically proven…. What is more, once the urine has been extracted from your bladder it is contaminated with germs and bacteria.  Whether we believe in its virtues or not some people swear by this technique.  It doesn’t bother them if they drink their own urine or others! In fact some people get addicted that they are constantly looking for a source of urine as soon as they can… not very appetizing!

3/ Tanning Booths

During the summer many people head to hot countries where they can top up their tan.  Sometimes you can even go to tropical countries to get a good tan in winter.  However in Britain getting a tan can be hard.  This is why many go to UV tanning booths so they can have tanned skin all year round.  However this is not got for your skin especially if you have regular sessions.  Scientific research has even shown that the ares of the brain stimulated by the tanning sessions is the same as the area stimulated by heroine….

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4/ Getting tattoos

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and more tolerated.  However not everyone decides to get tattoos for the same reasons.  Many have symbolic meanings but many people get tattoos just because they want to create an image on their body.  However some people become so addicted that they cover their entire body in tattoos.  Scientists believe that people can get addicted to getting tattoos either due to the pain while the needle picks their body or due the attention they receive.  Although the reasons for this addiction are unclear, many admit that they want to get another straight after they have got one.

5/ Drinking human blood

This is one of the stranger addictions!  According to science, being addicted to human blood is possible.  In Turkey, people not vampires can be addicted to blood.  Many with this addiction can get a sore throat and breathing problems when they feel have withdrawal symptoms.  However in very special cases, according to doctors, people can suffer from personality disorders like schizophrenia.  Often a person with this addiction will have suffered traumatic events over the course of their life which could explain why they got this addiction.  This behaviour is called clinical vampirism and is thankfully very rare.

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