14 animals having a seriously bad day!

It’s not only humans that can get up on the wrong side of the bed! We are willing to bet that if these animals could talk, they wouldn’t hold back on having a good long rant! Not to mention what is happening on the pack ice, in decimated rainforests or polluted oceans, animals can have as many challenges in their day to day lives as you and me! Whereas we feel their pain, we admit it: we laughed….

1/ Pure stealth

We’re not sure what he’s fleeing from, but he’s getting his gymnastics on all the same!

2/ The long-necked ferret

Or just one who took a notion to stick his head in a toilet roll… He regretted that!

3/ A snake that has his strategy worked out

This bird may find he is in quite the fix!

4/ When greed gets the better of you

What happens when you dive into your food face first.

5/ Cannibalistic

Or just terribly loving. We have our doubts.