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Perfect camouflages: could you hide like these 15 animals?

Insects are masters of the art of camouflage managing to resemble a leaf, a tree trunk, sand or stones. Humans can only marvel at these perfect camouflages.

The gift of adopting perfect camoflauges is a talent many animals possess to protect themselves from danger, to deceive their prey or to get themselves out of a bad situation. Camouflage isn’t only for the army in khaki uniforms… Here are 15 examples of hide and seek in the natural world. The camouflages are so good you might think your eyes are playing tricks!

1/Satanic leaf-tailed gecko

This Madagascar Gecko takes the form of the leaves on the branch to avoid being swallowed whole by its predators. Nature at its best!

2/ Bat-faced toad

This toad from Colombia in barely visible in this photo. It manages to avoid getting eaten by hiding on dead leaves the same colour as its body!

3/ Thailand spiders

If you suffer from arachnophobia you won’t be venturing into the lichen clad forests of Thailand unless you fancy coming face to face with these impressive spiders. Although you might not spot them as they are too well hidden…

4/ Orchid praying mantis

A beautiful name for a beautiful creature!

5/ Majestic owl

With it’s feathers the same colour as the bark, this owl looks like it is part of the trunk.