Daily well-being: 10 simple ways to effectively meditate


6/ Practice regularly

The more you meditate the easier it will be to meditate.  Try to keep a regular rhythm to your practices without putting pressure on yourself.

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7/ Welcome all thoughts without judgement

Internal feelings are the thoughts that your mind sends to you whether they are positive or negative.  Welcome these thoughts without judgement and then let them go. .

8/ Welcome any external sensations

External feelings are what your body feels thanks to your senses.  Concentrate on the sounds around you, the air, the smells and even any discomfort.  Again you should welcome these feelings without any judgment and then let them go.  Meditation is about letting go of any internal or external feelings so that you can completely relax your body.

9/ Concentrate on one particular thing if you are having difficulties trying to clear any thoughts that are taking over your mind

If you are struggling to clear thoughts from your mind that are engulfing you like a tidal wave, try and focus on a particular detail such as your body, a noise or your breath.  This will help you to refocus.

10/ Use an audio guide to help you

There is nothing easier than an a virtual guide to help you with daily meditation sessions.  There are loads of videos on YouTube and many that you can download with an application.  It’d be a shame if you don’t make use of them.  The best bit is that the voice is accompanied by appealing zen-like music which is enough to make your body heavy and become relaxed.  You’ll notice that sessions pass much quicker as well!

Try it out!  Meditation could soon become part of your daily well being rituals!

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