Are you really nostalgic for the past? 15 questionable old photos of parents and their children…

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

Many of us are nostalgic for the past. However for those that keep on trotting out the phrase, “oh it was so much better better!”, maybe you should think twice!

Was it really better before? We can all be nostalgic for the past. However after looking at some of these incredulous old photos of parents and their children you might think again… In the past there wasn’t any health and safety regulations and things that today we take for granted don’t seem to be considered important in years gone by!

1/ Setting your baby on the hob

A controversial way to heat your child… beware!

2/ Get your entire family to pose in front of a tiger

Unless you want to do away with your little munchkins it is probably best not to pose beside a big cat who’s already licking his lips eagerly…

3/ A human merry-go-round

We can’t refuse anything when it will delight our brood of children. However health and safety has cleary been thrown out the window!

4/ A free pint

Beer isn’t alcohol, is it?

5/ A premature smoker

It is well known that children with strict parents are more likely to go off the rails, instead of mucking around in front of them. This statement is debatable…