11 bizarre and gross perfumes

Applying perfume in the morning is a gesture commonly shared amongst men and women. A perfumes scent is meant to represent the wearers personality and mood, or just to make them happy or even to seduce. Like everything there are perfumes that suit everyone’s tastes: woody, sweet, fresh… all seem to have their place on the market. It is maybe for this reason, some perfume designers create eccentric, bizarre and sometimes gross scents. 

1) Lady Gaga — Fame


Lady Gaga is known to shock and cause discussions to the point that it has now become even more shocking to see here in a normal outfit and with natural hair and makeup. However her perfume “Fame” was not too bizarre in scent, however there are rumours that the ingredients include blood and seeds.

 2) Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d’Orange


Etat Libre d’Orange is a brand which don’t lack in originality when finding a name for their colognes. After “Palace Whores” or “Magnificent Discharge” or other equally shocking names, “Fat Electrician” appears to be quite tame. In any case it would seem that the brand believes that an electrician smells of vetiver (tropical grass); white amber and to be sweet.

3) Vulva Original


We will spare you, from sharing the advert for this perfume. According to the creators, it is not a perfume but a bottled essence of the vagina fluids. (“Eau de Toilette” takes on a whole new meaning!)

4) Eau de MacBook Pro


Apple fans will no doubt want this perfume to compliment their apple products. It seems to use the Macbook, admire its design and to boast the effectiveness of the product isn’t enough. Today, you have to smell of Macbook, with scents of plastic, ink and even aluminium.