11 bizarre and gross perfumes

5) The illegal perfume


We aren’t allowed to smoke cannabis, but we can smell of it. This very strong scent aparently, is very popular, however is illegal in many countries. We don’t recommend wearing this scent as your daily perfume for when your walking around town, especially if you walk pas a police station!

 6) Smell the money!


One suspects that the capitalists went a litte too far with this perfume. Nevertheless, this perfume can’t claim to be expensive enough to entice the super wealthy who are looking to spray themselves with money.

7) Play-Doh by Demeter


A perfume for those who are wanting to be reminded of their innocent childhoods, where their only stress was how to learn to tie your laces or draw a pretty picture for mum. A perfume that will transport you back in time, and bring back fun memories .

8) Funeral Home by Demeter


Aparently they named this perfume after one of their employees said it smelt like their grandfathers funeral home. Everyone loved the idea! Why wouldn’t you want to smell of old people…?!