11 bizarre and gross perfumes

 9) Burger King — Flame


The rather strange and viral marketing techniques adopted by Burger King probably reached their climax with this campaign. A scene of the Burger King himself lying seductively on fur skin rugs by the fire. An smell of flame grilled meat, will seduce you to hunger, fancy a bite…?

 10) The perfume Pizza Hut


In Canada, the brand asked themselves what could we make as well as our yummy pizzas? Their idea: Pizza scented perfume of course! We are not sure if there are many volunteers who would like to smell of grease and cheese, but who are we to judge!?

11) The perfumes Jean Peste

jean peste

This brands perfumes certainly have names which appear odd and revolting such as “Anal flower” or “Toilet Water”, but according to fans they smell fantastic and are great quality. This must be down to their secret ingredient: a scent of humour!!

Source : ListVerse