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Social media: 10 scary things we all should be aware of


6/ Facebook is capable of knowing your salary scale

We can’t say it enough but Facebook really does know everything about you.  The network knows about your political views, your tastes, your hobbies (even more if you have registered your interests) but also your education level which gives them an idea of your financial salary. We can bet they are just a couple of pounds out from the truth!

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7/ There are apparently 1.8 million likes every minute

It is easy to believe this fact but nevertheless these figures always seem frightening… Perhaps you should think about clicking like less often!

8/ Facebook knows where you are

If you hadn’t realised already, the Messenger app can locate your exact location in real time.  You might have noticed Facebook’s safety check system during some of the more recent terrorist attacks. If you were in the affected area you would have had the option of clicking a button to say “I’m safe”.  What’s more the adverts on your news feed are related to your area.  However Facebook are not alone when it comes to tracking your location.

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9/ When you publish the company earns lots of money

The more you publish on social media the bigger the company gets.  Posts give the company more value and status.  Perhaps you’ll think twice before publishing just any old thing on your wall.

10/ Facebook makes you addicted even paranoid

Without social networks you can feel a bit lost.  You can have irresistible urge to scroll down your timeline or recent publications and like pages or settle yourself in an internet cafe. If that sounds like you then you are a bit of an addict!   Worse still, you can become paranoid when you scroll down your partner’s friends page and find a photo that you think looks like more than it actually is!

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