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Social media: 10 scary things we all should be aware of


Social media can hide some surprises behind their facade which are not necessarily good.  If only you knew everything before making an account…

Social networks can hide lots of things from it’s users.  Today we have a lot to chose from whether it is Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter or Facebook, they all have secrets they’d rather hide and prefer not to share.  Facebook is a social network that is difficult to do without in your day to day life.  Even after having reading what we’re about to tell you, we’re sure you won’t be able to stop!  It would seem that we have become virtual junkies and when we don’t get enough likes in the day you can feel downhearted… Facebook and other social medias can be a real addiction.

1/ Facebook is able to recognise your face out of a thousand

Often you are not given a chance to agree to photos that your drinking friends love to tag you in timeline like there is no tomorrow.  Because you appear in the albums of other users, Facebook is now perfectly capable of recognising your face with it’s face recognition algorithm that is hardly ever wrong.

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2/ Your messages are saved even if you’ve deleted them

Don’t think that you adulterous conversation will disappear officially from the network just because you had the good idea to delete them.  Are you serious? Facebook is always happy to keep them safe for you… Texts that you send via messenger (even ones that you don’t send)  are kept by the blue giant although they don’t tell you they are.  It’s just their little secret…

3/ Facebook knows when you are sleeping

If you haven’t deactivated the Messenger function (let’s be honest, nobody does) which allows your friends to know when you are online so that you can chat, Facebook can also tell when you are not active.  Logically, when you sleep you don’t use the social network. If you try to deceive Facebook it will always have the upper hand as it even knows the time zone of where you are based….

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4/ Facebook knows your political views

Just like a virtual Big Brother, Facebook can read your personal characteristics.  It’s algorithm is capable of analysing the articles that you read, the groups you follow and the topics of conversations you have to find out what side of the political spectrum you side with.  You can’t keep it a secret from anyone in the end!

5/ There is a option to designate a manager of your account after you’re dead.

Pretty scary that you can have a virtual obituary .

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