12 reasons why your smartphone battery drains too quickly, and what to do about it

Have you lost count of the number of times a day that you have to charge your rapidly draining smartphone? It depends on its charger like an umbilical cord, and this can quickly become annoying. You start to miss your first Nokia, which lasted at least a week before you were out of battery! To avoid frustration, and to avoid over-consuming battery, here are a few possible reasons that could explain what is going on, and what you can do about it.

1/ It is too hot or too cold

Our fragile phones do not like extremes of temperature. Avoid leaving them in sunshine or in extremely cold areas.

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2/ You haven’t deactivated location services

Many apps use location services, although you generally don’t need this. Deactivate location services in your settings, app by app. Your smartphone will stop continually verifying your location and sending the information back to the apps.

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3/ You leave the sound or vibrate alerts on continually

Notification sounds, text alerts or ring tones take an extra toll on your battery. Like having your phone on vibrate, which may seem like a thing of nothing, is like running a little motor. If you don’t need to hear the sound alerts while you work, put your phone on silent to prolong battery life.

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4/ Your screen is too bright

Be aware that the background lights on your screen, when set to the maximum, are a big drain on your battery. We advise you to lower the brightness immediately if you wish to conserve battery. And spare your eyes while you’re at it!

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5/ You have authorised all notifications

Sure, you need to get notifications for texts, voice messages, calls and maybe email, but you definitely don’t need a notication every time someone likes your post on Facebook, or every time you get a SnapChat. You’ll see the difference if you turn them off.

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6/ You have WiFi activated even when you’re not at home

If you leave your WiFi activated when your phone is out of range, your phone will keep searching for a network to connect to. And as a result you’ll see a massive drop in your battery life. If you want to conserve even  more battery when you’re out and about, why not deactivate 3G altogether….

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7/ You have too many apps

Sort your apps out! Apps are very battery-hungry, and the more you have, the quicker your battery will die.

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