14 good reasons to love being bald

Have you always been self conscious about the fact that you’re thinning out on top? If you were used to having a head of thick, luscious curls, it could take a while to get used to your new look. But behind their apparent fragility, bald guys hide a thousand and one great qualities! And here are a few of them that are sure to help you accept your new style, which is everything but inconvenient!

1/ Your shower will never again block up

Your other half will only have herself to blame!

2/ You could be a sign of good luck

A tribe of indigenous Siberians believe that kissing the head of a bald man brings health and prosperity. You just have to believe it!

3/ You won’t age

Bald one day, bald forever! Have you ever noticed how celebs with shaved heads never seem to age, even as the years go by!

Screenshot: True Hero/YouTube

4/ You will avoid conflicts with your other half

Say goodbye to accusations of having pinched her shampoo, conditioner, or other overpriced products -you’re a model man!

5/ You’ll save on water

You can be proud of your head’s environmentally friendly aspect! And economical too: it’s incredible but true that we consume around 6,261 litres of water per year for looking after our hair…

Credits: Pixabay