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Office jokes: 15 pranksters that caught out their colleagues in strange ways

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We spend most of our daylight hours at work. So much so, we barely enjoy ourselves and look forward to heading home at night. Not everyone can enjoy work, but everyone can have fun with their colleagues and be glad to see them everyday. Playing office jokes and retaliating against office pranksters can liven up work which can sometimes become too serious and too dull! Here are some crazy examples of office jokes that you could perhaps try yourself…

Have you already been the brunt of your jokey colleagues? Have you found a plastic toy mouse on your desk instead of a computer mouse? Or have you found a rude word on your screensaver after you come back from lunch? Some people have a witty sense of humour… or at least, everyone has their own sense of fun! Here are 15 office jokes carried our by office pranksters who have got bored cooped up at work all day…

1/ An upside-down screen

After coming back to work after your lunch break you discover your computer screen has literally been turned upside -down. Who is this little prankster behind this trick?

2/ Open office toilet

There is no doubt about it, it’s clear that your colleagues are jealous of your great new office seat so have decided to change your office into a open toilet!

3/ Terminator Mouse

You might have taken a while to realise the stud on you mouse. Underneath is an attractive photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator mode with his eye perfectly aligned with your mouse captor… how handsome!

4/ Appetising phone

When office pranksters decide to change your phone with a banana you can rest easy!

5/ An office decorated with paper

This office covered in post-its will brighten up your day, or give you a sore head!