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15 completely failed corporate logos that are sexist or vulgar

Involuntarily rude logos

As simple as they may be, business logos are not always easy to interpret and design companies take a long time developing and designing a logo branding that is comprehensible to everyone. Sometimes, the designers can get it very wrong and it is not until it is up or printed on a letterhead that they realise it. Here are 15 logos which are complete fails, sexist or vulgar and shockingly where used by companies.

1/ Clinica Dental

A Spanish dentist using a racy human position

2/ Mont-Sat

This satellite installation company probably didn’t think long enough before they used this satellite cartoon character!

3/ Maoam

These sweets are aimed for kids yet their fruit characters are a little “risque”!

4/ China Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant had good intentions with their logo, but you don’t need to be that way inclined to no notice the naughty side of the branding!

5/ Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Developed in 1973 for the Archdiocesan Commission of Catholic Youth, this logo has even won a reward!