Crazy airports: 14 of the most spectacular runways

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8/ Gibraltar airport

Controversial airports like Gibraltar have to stop traffic on frequently used roads before every flight takes off and lands. This runway is certainly well used by all sorts of vehicles…

9/ Lukla airport, Nepal

The airport, located at an altitude of 2860 metres, has a runway strip of 500 metres on a 12° slope… It looks dangerous!

10/ Saba airport, The Greater Antilles

Located to the east of Porto Rico, this airport as a very short runway surrounded by mountains and the sea! In fact only three types of airplanes are allowed to use this landing strip.

11/ Funchal airport, Portugal

This Portuguese airport requires a skilled pilot to maneuver the plane between steep slopes, houses and ocean!

12/ Barra airport, Scotland

Barra’s little island airport is in fact a beach with three runways that can welcome visitors and locals to the island when there is a low tide!

13/ Kaï Tak airport, Hong Kong

This airport had to close its runways in 1998. You can easily imagine why when you look at this spectacular photograph!

14/ Lanzarote airport, Espagne

A runway which heads straight to the sea… It’s holiday time!

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