Plane travel: 18 travelers that aren’t embarrassed to annoy others

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When we travel by plane or any public transport you need to be willing to make a few concessions. Unless you have an unlimited budget so you can travel business or first class, you have to put up with seats that are cramped and uncomfortable especially if you fly with a budget airline. Here are 18 travelers that are seemingly unaware that they are annoying their fellow passengers…

Some people find plane travel stressful while for others it is the opportunity to binge watch mountains of films without streaming on dubious sites. However there are always some people who can really wind you up as they spread out, get nervous at the slightest moment of turbulence or who are constantly getting up to go to the toilet. Thankfully public planes are not equipped with a telephone network (or at least not yet!) Here are 18 unembarrassed travelers who could really make your plane journey a nightmare!

1/ Black curtain

You have just started watching the latest season of Homeland  when a mass of thick, black hair cascades down in a tangle covering your view. How do you react?


2/ Horrible sight

You can just imagine the smell


3/ Scribbling session

Lax parents or someone with a terrible phobia?


4/ Plastic bag to cover your head

Why make a hat out of a plastic bag? A chilly traveler that isn’t bothered about looking ridiculous…


5/ Airplane laundry

Here’s a plane traveler who feels at home. They’re not bothered about hanging up their washing to dry all around the aisles!


6/ Last minute preparations

Yeah, a great idea to organise your suitcase at the last boarding call…