13 amazing facts about planes, to reassure anyone with a fear of flying

Fear of flying is often linked to a fear of the unknown: we don’t understand the plane or how it functions. However, there is nothing safer than the aeronautic sector, who stop at nothing to assure the maximum safety of their passengers (with systems that are increasingly sophisticated -duplicate security measures, regular monitoring and checks, choosing the best route, etc.). And in terms of statistics, the numbers don’t lie: air travel has never been safer! Here are 13 proven facts that should reassure anyone with a phobia of taking to the skies.

1/ You would need to take a plane every day for 123,000 years before dying in a crash

Although it’s probably going to be difficult to test out this statistic…


2/ Turbulence doesn’t pose any risk for the plane

Even if it is a stressful event for the passengers.

3/ You are seven times more likely to die from falling out of bed than to die in a plane crash

Not to mention road accidents involving cars, bikes, buses, etc.

Credits: Pexels

4/ It is getting safer and safer to travel by plane

Intense media attention to any sort of plane difficulties tends to blur the facts, but the numbers don’t lie.

5/ On average, an accident happens during one flight in 1.2 million

In fact, plane crashes are quite difficult to come by.

Credits: Pixabay

6/ Storms are only very rarely the cause of plane accidents

So don’t worry if you notice a gust of wind.

7/ Planes are much, much safer than trains, buses, cars and motorbikes

Not only is it the safest mode of transport, but it is the safest by a long, long way. So much so that it can hardly be seen on the graph below!