20 incredible immaterial things we never thought we’d be able to buy one day

Did you know that you can become a Lord in Scotland in just one click? Or the proprietor of a star, or even a colour, in no time at all? Participate in repopulating the forests of Indonesia without touching the soil of the nearest airport? Here is a list of “objects” that you can’t touch, but that you can buy! Be inspired, and consider an ‘immaterial’ gift this Christmas!

1/ A star

Incredible but true: you you can buy yourself a star, or buy it as a present for a loved one! A star that is visible to the naked eye will be named as you wish, and saved in the Celestian Star Registry! Click here.

Credits: Pexels

2/ A colour

It is now possible to own a colour, in the same way as brand names and other patents.

Credits: Pexels

3/ A pixel

In 2005, a British student came up with this internet site, consisting of only one page containing 1000 × 1000 pixels, which he decided to sell for $1 a piece, as an advertising strategy.

Credits: Public Domain Pictures

4/ A part of Scotland!

For less than 40 euros, buy a plot in the Scottish Highlands and earn the title of Lord or Lady! It is also a gift to Mother Nature, because this so-called fantasy is part of a sustainability project. Click here.

Credits: Pexels

5/ Plant a tree to repopulate a forest

Numerous sites allow you to plant trees in faraway places to repopulate the forests. With a pretty certificate to go with it, you won’t find a longer lasting gift!

Credits: Pexels