20 incredible immaterial things we never thought we’d be able to buy one day

6/ Symbolically sponsor an endangered animal

The WWF suggests that you symbolically adopt a chimpanzee, an elephant or even a polar bear! Each “kit” is made up of a furry toy, a poster and a personalised certificate of adoption, to show your support for the species. Click here.

Credits: Pexels

7/ Adopt a vine in France to make your own wine

Contribute to the making of your own wine with a personally sponsored vine! Click here.

Credits: Pixabay

8/ Buy clicks

You can in fact buy internet clicks! All part of the art of web referencing and e-marketing.

Credits: Pexels

9/ A website design package

Okay, so you may have known about that one already…

Credits: Pixabay

10/ Time!

Because as we say, time is money! And if you give it to your loved ones, it also makes the best type of Christmas present.

Credits: Pexels