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Sweet treats: 10 unusual sweets from around the globe

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6/ Cat tongue chocolate bars

Kocici Jazycky in Czech means “cat-tongued”. These sweets however are a simple bar of chocolate with a cat impression at the top! Only their name is odd as it is in fact just milk chocolate.

7/ Gengis Khan caramels

In Japan, “Gengis Khan” is a dish made from shredded mutton. It is traditionally fried or prepared on a barbecue and then served with vegetables. In 2002, the company Sapporo Gourmet Foods managed to create the impossible by making a Gengis Khan flavoured sweet! The taste of this caramel us very unusual and tastes a bit like a chicken curry that is slightly sweet. It might seem strange but it is all the rage with Japanese consumers!

8/ “Salsagheti”

These long red, spicy stringed sweets come from Mexico and are a Mexican take on spaghetti… as their name might suggest! Unlike a traditional spaghetti dish these sweets can be eaten with you hands. They have a watermelon flavour which is revealed thanks to chili powder and tamarin which is an exotic fruit. The Mexican treat is sweetened thanks to a coating of crystalised suga.

9/ “Botan Rice Candies” and its edible packaging

Rice sweets and not barley candy? However the package is even made from rice paper meaning that you can eat everything! These are zero waste sweets or at least almost!

10/ Strange chocolate sweets, mixed with cheese and onion crisps

Tayto is a crisp brand from Ireland. Since 1956, the company has supplied the country with tasty snacks with a variety of flavours. But would you ever think about mixing cheese and onion crisps in chocolate? This is exactly what the Irish manufacturer decided to do for a limited edition chocolate! Unfortunately if you are looking to try this chocolate it no longer exists… is it a bad thing!?


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