Christmas tree: 20 unusual DIY alternatives

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An environmental Christmas tree… We know, you can you already hear your Grandma say “What is this new fad?”. However a durable and more ecological Christmas tree is not that difficult to come by. You just need to be a bit creative. Check out the 20 alternative Christmas tree ideas below to help give you some inspiration!

Christmas trees are expensive. Not just for your wallet but also for the environment as it is such a waste. Millions of trees are chopped down and transported miles to then only be kept less than a month. There surely must be more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives available! The 20 original Christmas tree ideas below prove that there are!

1/ Egg boxes

Keep your egg boxes instead of throwing them out. By laying one on top of another you can make your own recycled Christmas tree!

2/Floating baubles

A Christmas tree floating in space is like a piece of art that is so simple to achieve. Rest assured that your tree will be original. All you need to do is tie your Christmas baubles together (preferably green if possible) using nylon string and hook it onto the ceiling!

3/ Rolls of wrapping paper

This year you are not wrapping up your Christmas presents!

4/ A 3D veil

Brighten up this veil with some DIY garlands and there your have it!

5/ A stocked up shelf

What an effective Christmas tree design! Have you noticed that the clever clogs has even matched up the colour of the interior walls?

6/Stacked cushions

A Christmas tree unlike anything you have ever seen before? Is it nap time?

7/ Old books

Make sure their covers are green of course!