Christmas tree: 20 unusual DIY alternatives

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15/ Pictures decoratively displayed

You’ll gain space with this Christmas tree which is stuck to the walls in a haphazard design! You can add a more personalised touch by adding photos of you and your friends and family.

16/ Toilet roll

Cut the toilet rolls to make the shape of a circular Christmas bauble and stick to the wall. You can then add colourful festive figurines to brighten it up!

17/ A Christmas card collage

Stick the cards to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. This year there will be even more room for presents!

18/ A green plant to keep all year round

Swap your traditional Christmas tree this year for a festive bush!

19/ Floating wood

A floating wood Christmas tree. This is a model that you can keep year after year.

20/ Corks

Perhaps you don’t have the space this year for a big Christmas tree? No worries, your old corks that are lying around will do the job! Paint them as you fancy to give your wine enthusiast’s tree a little colour.

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