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Sienna International Photo Awards: 20 photos to take your breath away

Pinterest screenshots via Turci/Amos Nachoum/Edit:

The prestigious photography competition, Sienna International Photo Awards, was as superb as ever this year. With no less than 48, 000 submissions from 156 countries, the jury would have had a hard time choosing the winners from the many sublime photos. Here are some of the top winning photos from a variety of categories.

The Sienna International Photo Awards this year was full of colour as it was the theme of 2018. In fact one of the special categories was called Splash of Colours. The participants’ photographs did the Italian city proud with fantastic landscapes, portraits and shots captured in situ. The Bangladeshi K.M Asad scooped up the top prize with his moving photo Battle Victim. Here is a short resume of the main winners.

1/ The Wave, by Lorraine Turci

On the Drake Strait between Cape Horn and the Antarctic, a wave of more than 11 metres engulfs the deck of a boat.

2/ Sharing your feelings, by Mohd Nazri Sulaiman

A photo full of emotion as the title suggests. This photo won the top prize in the Fascinating People and Faces category.

3/ Facing Reality, by Amos Nachoum

A sea leopard ready to snap up it’s meal of the day: a young, terrified penguin. The poor thing… that being said the timing is perfect!

4/ Union

Working together gives you strength. Engaging in brilliant teamwork is what ants do. These ants were initially going to be eaten by the frog however they turned the table around with their solidarity workforce… giving the frog a taste of it’s own medicine.

5/ El Calbuco, by Francisco Negroni

A photo of the violent, nocturnal eruption of Calbuco Volcano in Chile. The photo won the first prize in the Beauty of Nature category.

6/ Camels in the Desert, by Weiguo Hu

This incredible photo from Mongolia won the top prize in the General Colours category. A shot full of colour!

7/ Beyond Pink, by Becky Yee

The Sienna International Photo Awards’ jury awarded this controversial photo an Honerable Mention in the category General Colors.