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Dubious Christmas gifts: 12 presents that will be resold

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It is difficult to find each member of the family a Christmas present. When one member of your family is never satisfied, you know as soon as they open your gift it is not for them. Often they give a feigned look of delight on their face… Next year you’ve decided that you don’t want Christmas presents. It is better than having a pile of gifts in your cupboard that you’ll never use…

Christmas might seem like the best time of the year for children but for adults it is not always a bundle of laughs. Present shopping becomes a chore as it is difficult to find something that they will use or enjoy. How many times have you made a grimace of delight when you open up a trinket that will just clutter up your shelves or will be resold pronto on Ebay or given to a charity shop? No we never do that….

1/ Embroidered scrabble

It is difficult to resell something that has limited uses but something made with love you might have more of a chance. When perhaps not as this needle master has proudly embroidered all the first names of the family onto the board… This will be a keep-sake that will make it’s way into a dusty cupboard!

2/ An insect remote

Unless you want to scare you little five year old sister, this insect remote doesn’t really have much use…

3/ A machine for petting your animal

If you are always saying that you never have time to cuddle your puppy, you might be presented with a electronic puppy petter to do it for you… You would have been better to stay quiet!

4/ A religious statue when you are atheist

Who knows you might be converted if you look at your new statue everyday while on the toilet… Yes it’s difficult to find a better place for it other than the WC…

5/ A knitted nose warmer

It is hard to see when you might use this knitted nose warmer probably created by a loving granny. Is it an anti-pollution mask or a very unfashionable way to keep your extremities toasty?

6/ An abs belt

Are you lacking in abs (i.e they are non-existent)? Well there is always some smart arse in the family who gives you jokey gift! Now you can make them in a matter of seconds with your new ab belt…