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Dubious Christmas gifts: 12 presents that will be resold

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7/ Crocheted tyre cover

This is a gift that might please someone in the later years but this is not you.
Nevertheless it is you that has ended up with it. I feel a trip to the charity shop coming on!

8/ A cup holder for your smart phone

Sometimes we have to wonder how we managed before new technology. Although we wouldn’t be surprised to find this gift sold in abundance on second hand online stores after Christmas…

9/ Hands free kit for eating burgers

It is hard to imagine when you might need to use such a device… It wouldn’t be easy to sing and munch on a burger at the same time.

10/ A moustache hat

Your granny has tried to be more inventive this year and is picking up on the new moustache tend. We’re not sure she has quite managed to pull off the look!

11/ Festive batteries

It is difficult to imagine how someone thought that festive batteries would be a hit!

12/ A turning ice cream cone

This is one of the stranger gadgets to get a Christmas. This electronic cone will turn your ice cream around for you so you don’t get any drips…

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