20 Over confident people in cheeky and dangerous situations

Unlikely situations that do not seem to make them worried…

There are those who have temperaments where they don’t get overwhelmed by unexpected situations and have lots of self confidence. Quiet people, who remain calm in stressful situations or those who have confidence and don’t care if they get caught. Here are 20 moments where you have to be cool as a cucumber or ballsy.

1/ A retired couple who flew their car in the air and don’t have a care in the world

Both have naughty smile on their face but don’t seem to worry about how they go their car to crash like that

2/ A child who rides in style

Full of confidence to bring out his sun lounger to travel on the bus

3/ Driving through the snow

This motorist must be wearing a warm coat to drive through the snow with the top down

4/ Drowning granny

Too busy getting their picture taken to realise that they’ve lost granny to the ocean!

5/ Festival raver breaking their shoe

Yet he keeps his shoe on his leg