20 astonishing facts that you didn’t know about the brain

3D illustration brain nervous system active, medical concept.

The brain is the principle organ of the nervous system. It is also the most complex. There are still a great many things to be discovered about its mysterious functioning, but science has advanced greatly and scientists have discovered huge amounts to date. Here are 20 fascinating facts about your brain.

1/ The brain continues to develop until later than you might think

The development of the brain starts at our conception and only stops in our forties!


2/ The heart uses up 10% of all of our oxygen, while the brain alone uses 20% of the oxygen in our blood.


3/ Satiety

Not only do we have taste receptors in our mouths and stomachs, but also in the intestines, the pancreas, the lungs, the anus, the testicles and the brain.


4/ 60% of the brain is composed of fatty tissue, thought to serve no function


5/ Memory

Do you have a short memory? Forgetting is healthy for the brain, because it eliminates useless information and reduces the burden on the nervous system