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17 incredible facts you never knew about the world

Nintendo didn’t start by releasing its first games console in the 1980s, but actually was founded a century beforehand, marketing playing cards. Winnie the Pooh’s preferred foodstuff can never go off, much to his delight. Chickens descended from the terrible Tyrannosaurus. All these claims are not just wacky rumours, but well proven facts! Here are a few more that will leave you speechless….

1/ Nintendo was founded in 1889

At the time, Nintendo didn’t yet make games consoles, but in fact made playing cards! Not too big a difference, when you think about it.

Credits: Wikipedia

2/ The animal that kills the most people every year is the mosquito

Stop vilifying sharks, mosquitoes are in fact public enemy number one!

Credits: Pexels

3/ Chickens descended from Tyrannosauruses

A scientific study based on protein analyses of Tyrannosaurus bones showed direct links between the T-Rex and the modern chicken. When you look a little closer, you can in fact see a family resemblance!


4/ Bananas, pumpkins and watermelons are berries

But not strawberries. Go figure!

Credits: Pexels

5/ Honey can’t expire

Thanks to the acid it contains, among other ingredients, honey cannot go off. The expiration dates are lying to us!

Credits: Pixabay

6/ The coldest temperature in the universe is found on Earth

You may have thought that the coldest temperatures existed on other planets, but it is in fact on our very own planet Earth that we are most frozen!

Credits: Pexels