18 incredible facts about the brain that could explain certain behaviours (or not!)

Mother Nature is a secretive soul. Although we have a good idea of how our brains and bodies work, where our vital organs are, etc., there is still plenty we are less aware of! It is only with years of research and experiments that we are starting to discover various facts about ourselves which could explain many things about people and society. Here are 18 incredible facts about our brains.

1/ Love and hate stimulate the same brain areas

According to several experts, the feelings of love and hate activate the same areas in the brain. This relates to two structures: the putamen, activated by the feelings of suspicion and disgust, and the insula, stimulated by anxiety and sadness. These two structures are also activated when we experience feelings of love. It is only a short step between love and hate!

Credits: Pexels

2/ We have at least 60,000 thoughts per day

We have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts every day, making around 3,000 thoughts per hour. How better to burn out!

Screenshot: The Simpsons/YouTube

3/ Our brain doesn’t feel pain

Our brain doesn’t have any pain receptors, and thus can’t feel pain. You could thus slice through your grey matter while you’re fully awake, without feeling a thing! However, we strongly advise against it….

Credits: Pixabay

4/ Meditation can protect the brain against decline

Meditating helps develop sinuous folds in the cerebral cortex: like every other intense mental effort, it stimulates neuronal connections. This helps increase grey matter which compensates for what is lost due to age. Meditating also reduces stress, which is harmful for our neuronal health.

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5/ The brain area that deals with decision making and emotions develops mainly in adolescence

The brain never stops developing during adolescence. At this age, develops mainly in the prefrontal cortex, the zone activated in decision making and emotions.

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6/ Our brain is at maximum performance at age 22

Our brain is at peak performance at 22 years of age. From 27 years of age onwards, logical thinking and comprehension abilities start to drop. Don’t waste any time!

Credits: Pixabay