18 incredible facts about the brain that could explain certain behaviours (or not!)

7/ Our brain could power a 25 watt bulb

When we are awake, our brain could produce enough energy to power a 25 watt light bulb. Things are hotting up!


8/ Yawning helps cool down your brain

Yawning can be triggered by your brain heating up, and our brains use 40% of our energy. To avoid overheating it, we yawn to cool everything down!

Credits: Pixabay

9/ A lack of sleep heats up your brain

And slows it down terribly, increasing the risk of damage over time.

Credits: Pexels

10/ Regular exercise can increase your grey matter

Getting regular physical exercise can increase the grey matter in your hippocampus.

Credits: Pexels

11/ Einstein’s brain was smaller than average

Albert Einstein’s brain was smaller than other brains (1.23 kg compared to 1.4 kg for a normal brain). But it is likely to have contained more glial cells, which allow for reflection.

Credits : Pixabay

12/ Women generally have smaller brains than men

But that doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent, if you have learned anything from the previous point on Einstein! Even if they aren’t the same size, feminine and masculine brains produce equal performance levels on intelligence tests.