18 incredible facts about the brain that could explain certain behaviours (or not!)

13/ We do in fact use more than 10% of our brains

It was long thought that humans use only 10% of their brain’s capacities. However, this claim has never been proven. It is much more complex than that: when we carry out brain scans, we observe that activity is spread throughout the entire brain, and not just one small part.

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14/ More than half of our brain is made up of fat

The brain is mainly composed of lipids (fats), which make up 60% of it. After adipose tissue, it is the part of the body with the highest fat content. These fats are mainly made up of omega 3, with a small quantity of omega 6.

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15/ The right hemisphere has around 200 million neurons fewer than the left hemisphere

According to researchers on the matter, the left hemisphere has 186 million more neurons than the right hemisphere.

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16/ We can survive with only half of our brains

But that doesn’t mean we can necessarily function well….

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17/ A man’s brain has more white matter than a woman’s

The male brain contains more white matter (tissue that links the areas of grey matter which are in the cell bodies of the neurons) and cerebrospinal fluid (the liquid that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord) than the female brain. At the age of 20, a man has a total length of 176,000 km of myelinated fibres, compared to 149,000 km for a woman.

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18/ Nerve impulses can reach 400 km/h

Certain nerve impulses can reach astronomical speeds in our nervous system!

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