The 14 most dangerous runways in the world

Some airports boost incredible airports, offering spectacular experiences for passangers and reserved only for the best experienced pilots.

aeroports les plus dangereux

The airport Gustav at Saint Bart’s in the Caribbean, can only accommodate 30 seater planes, due to the runway being only 640 meters long with a lagoon at the end. Planes have often dived into the lagoon due to the limited room left to manoeuvre, it happens rarely.

Same thing at the Caribbean airport, Princess Juliana in Saint Martin, which is situated by the coast, forcing the pilots to fly low over the tourist filled beach, only 10 meters away.

In Antarctica, the few runways that exist for scientists arriving to study, are often covered in ice, planes are only allowed to land during the austral summer, before the ice forms.

The Japanese airport Kansai, situated in the bay of Osaka, was built on an artificial island, only accessable on the road via a bridge. Specialists estimate its lifetime to being only 50 years.

In the French alpine resort of Courchevel, exists one of the smallest airports in the world. Situated on the side of the mountain the runway is only 525 meters long. Landing is very dangerous and only allowed for very experienced pilots.

“Fly away” with us and look at the 14 most impressive runways which will hold your breath if you’re a passenger!

1/ Airport Princess Juliana, wear your swimsuit!

aeroports les plus dangereux au monde (1)

2/ Courchevel airport, nestled in the heart of the French Alpes.

aeroports les plus dangereux au monde (2)

3/ Airport Gustav II, with a potential dip into a turquoise lagoon…

aeroports les plus dangereux au monde (4)

4/ Kansaï Airport , 100 % artificial.