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10 scandalous popes throughout history who had racy sex lives!

6/ Pope Paul II

Paul II died of a heart attack during an orgy composed only of men.

Credits: Wikipedia

7/ Pope John X

Although we know very little about the subject, John X certainly dipped his toe in debauchery. Which didn’t stop him from bringing peace and prosperity to the heart of the Church.

Credits: Wikipedia

8/ Pope Julius II

Julius II fathered three daughters while he was a bishop, and continued to indulge in pleasures of the flesh throughout his papacy.

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9/ Pope Paul III

Paul III had four children while he was a cardinal. According to certain historians, he gave up on sexual relations when he became pope. However, others have argued the contrary, and claimed that he continued his sex life. Whatever the case, “virginity” was never the order of the day!

Credits: Wikipedia

10/ Pope Julius III

This final place on the list is reserved for Pope Julius III, who although apparently he didn’t actually have sex, he had a romantic relationship with a man who slept in his bed every night….

Credits: Wikipedia