Strange addictions: 10 surprising human addictions

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6/ Getting dumped

We can never know if a romantic relationship will work unless we try.  Sometimes a relationship is always set to fail however.  During the date, we can feel uncomfortable while the other person is all set for another rendez-vous.  It is not that simple… According to a study carried out by the University of Stony Brook, the feeling we have felt after a break up is similar to the feelings we feel when drugged.  Exactly the same area of the brain is stimulated.  This explains extreme behaviour of people after a breakup such as harassing their ex.

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7/ Getting plastic surgery

This type of surgery is particularly beneficial for people who have suffered serious accidents.  However it is also a craze for people wanting to spend money to change their appearance.  Many celebrities like Courtney Cox among others have opted for plastic surgery.  People refuse to grow old and instead book into plastic surgery or botox sessions as they are never satisfied with the result.  This is exactly why people get addicted as they always want to keep their youthful looks.

8/ Eating or drinking dairy products

Eating or drinking dairy products can become a real addiction.  It can encourage pleasurable feelings which can produce dopamine.  According to science, it is based on “a reward circuit”.  Dopamine is naturally activated when we eat fatty or sugary foods  unlike  drugs.  When we eat cheese casein proteins stimulate receptors in our brain linked to this addiction.  This explains why people have difficulties living without dairy products.

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9/ Having pets

It is rare to read about people owning ten to twenty pets however this does exist.  The addiction called Noé syndrome is when people develop an immeasurable love for animals.  However this can cause many problems as the animals are kept in overcrowded spaces which are dirty and without enough food to go around.  It is good to love and care for animals but having too many pets can be dangerous…

10/ Coffee enemas

Enemas are used in medicine to treat severe constipation or other intestinal disorders. Coffee enemas are an alternative form of medicine. They are meant to detoxify the body by cleaning the large intestine of leftover dirt. Although they are not very hygienic and may cause self-intoxication, this does not discourage people form having coffee enemas. In Germany and the United States, it is even relatively common. In Florida, a couple confessed to having 4 enemas a day so they wouldn’t feel withdrawal symptoms. 

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Do you think you could get addicted to these strange fads?  Remember these addictions have negative side effects for your health and lifestyle.


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