Festive season: 20 people who like Christmas too much

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Christmas preparations have gone a little overboard… these people are clearly very excited about the festive season!

Ah, the festive season can be quite a pa-lava! Some people might decide to boycott Santa Claus while other go completely crazy with festive decorations and emptying their bank account on presents for all the family. Liking Christmas is one thing but some people can really take it too far!

1/ Decorating every last space available

Their electricity bill will have gone through the roof!

2/ Creating a false chimney so Santa Claus can get in

It would be a shame if Santa forgot about your apartment just because there wasn’t a chimney.

3/ Pulling off a festive suit to go to work

We know that the holidays are coming!

4/ Creating a Christmas tree out of dirty laundry

The festive season even livens up chores like doing the laundry.

5/ Getting a Christmas tree tattooed onto your arm

It seems safe to say that Christmas is this person favourite time of year! They want to have it emblazoned on their arms!

6/ …Or even Santa Claus

Is this so Christmas magic is around all year round!

7/ Decorating the kitchen more than it needs

You might be struggling for space on those work tops when trying to prepare Christmas dinner.