20 airlines and airports who amazed their clients with their creativity

Although airports and airline companies don’t joke around when it comes to security, they know how to have a little fun when the opportunity arises, creating some publicity for themselves at the same time. While some of them try to ensure every comfort for their clients, others put their efforts into customer service or even making their clients laugh. There’s no denying that such giant companies know exactly how to rub us up the right way! From funny display screens, to hi tech installations, to dogs at the ready to relax people with a fear of flying or even ephemeral artworks, here are 20 deliciously creative ideas that will leave you speechless!

1/ Limited kissing time


2/ Welcome to Finland

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3/ A luggage bench

This pretty bench which adorns an airport lounge was entirely made from vintage suitcases. Make sure not to mix it up with your own!


4/ Fire extinguishers in disguise

This creative airport succeeded in integrating their fire extinguishers into their marine art work! Hats off!


5/ Toilets for every body shape

The typical figure on the ladies toilets has little to do with reality. But here are some airport toilets that are finally celebrating diversity!


6/ Happy Christmas!

An airline company decided to swap its passengers’ luggage for beautifully wrapped presents. Of course, they got their own luggage back afterwards!


7/ A short story dispenser

This scholarly machine dispenses short stories, giving you the choice between several story lengths, depending on how much time you have: 1, 3 or 5 minutes. Simply press the button and get yourself a story! A great way of killing time when you’ve forgotten your holiday reading!