12 things that 99% of people can’t do!

We don’t all have the same abilities. And that’s a good thing! It allows us to complement each other, help each other out and mutually enrich one another. And physically, it’s kind of the same thing: we are not all blessed with contortionist style flexibility, double-jointedness or an innate sense of rhythm. However, some people seem more gifted than others, and have abilities that 99% of us simply cannot do… Find out if you are one of the special 1%!

1/ Talking while breathing in

Try to breathe in through your nose while you are talking. It’s difficult, huh? Apparently, musicians are more likely to be among the 1% who can do this.


2/ Lick your elbow

According to unofficial estimates, one person in a hundred can lick their own elbow. It’s up to you to see if you can bring the numbers up!


3/ Isolate the ring finger

Bend your middle finger and put your hand on a flat surface, with the middle part of that finger laid flat. Try to move your thumb. Next, move your index finger, and next the ring finger. Are you stuck? Wait a little  before moving the baby finger…. Very few people can move all of them!


4/ Raise one eyebrow

Our body is an amazing communicator, with multiple expressions at our disposition, but some that are only available to very few of us! And our facial expressions can tell a great deal about our emotional state. The majority of people find it difficult to raise one eyebrow without raising the other. Try it out for yourself!


5/ Touch your nose or your chin with your tongue

The ability to touch your nose or chin with your tongue is called the Gorlin sign. Only 10% of the population can do so.

Screenshot :

6/ Tickle yourself

For your own good, it is impossible to tickle yourself! You can try, but nothing will happen. Your brain controls this, as it is able to predict the sensations that it will feel as a result of your own tickling attempts.

Screenshot: Unis TV – Famille/YouTube