12 photos of actors and their doubles that make the actors WAY less cool

Actors can’t do it all. From daring scenes to perilous jumps, it isn’t always your favourite celebrity you are watching on screen. Fortunately for them, in many cases! Because we doubt very much that many of them feel too inclined to jump off a cliff with their feet and hands tied together, or hop on a horse galloping at high speed, while armed to the teeth. Here are 12 stars and their doubles on the set of the Avengers 3, among other films. You may find it hard to tell who is who! Bravo to the doubles…

1/ Andrew Garfield & William Spencer, Spiderman

2/ Scarlett Johansson & Heidi Moneymaker, Black Widow

3/ Taylor Lautner and his double, Twilight

4/ Johnny Depp and his double, Pirates of the Caribbean

5/ Mark Ruffalo & Anthony Molinari, Hulk

6/ Chris Hemsworth & Bobby Holland, Thor