12 of the most adorable dogs patiently waiting for you share your food!

Whether you are more of a cat or a dog person, you are never able to say no to a cute animal, giving you the big doleful eyes! In terms of food, it’s even worse – not everyone is strong enough to say no!

How could anyone resist the puppy dog eyes looking expectantly up at them from an empty bowl? Especially when you’re about to sit down to your fillet steak! Your dog can surely beat you in the waiting game, and never gets tired of patiently waiting, even for hours on end, hoping for a morcel to come his way! You know you shouldn’t but you might as well, you’re going to crack sooner or later!

1/ A pressing need for a barbecue

This clever chappie, up on his hind legs, would give anything to stick his face into the barbecue. Sadly for him, he’s been too well trained!

2/ Eyes full of hope

The lengthy longing stare begins as soon as the owner sits at the table. How could you say no?

3/ “Just look what you’re doing to me with this torment!”

We have to respect the level of manipulation!

4/ “Let me get closer, let me get closer!”

Literally clambering over one another!

5/ Something smells good

He smelled the crisps of the person in the row behind him…. Too tempting to give him a few! (Click on the GIF icon on the bottom left of the image).

6/ Four legged friends

“We’re all in the same boat here!”