11 supporting characters in series that outshine the main characters

The main characters in a series aren’t always the best, although in theory, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was the idea. But sometimes, as a series evolves, its characters evolve too, and certain actors display incredible performances, through which their characters develop more fully. Sometimes to the extent that they start to outshine the original ‘stars’ of the shows! Here are a few secondary characters that won’t let themselves be forgotten!

1/ Tormund Giantsbane in Game of Thrones

In the beginning, it was all about John Snow. Nowadays, it is Tormund who is ready to fly -if not to the throne, to the stars!

Screenshot: Kevin GT/Game Of Thrones/YouTube

2/ Schmidt in New Girl

Although Zoey Deschanel seemed to be carrying the whole show on her own in the beginning, in the more recent episodes, she is absent (due to being on maternity leave), and is replaced with only moderate success by Megan Fox. At least we still have Schmidt!

Screenshot: TheSpidercrabb4/YouTube

3/ Poussey in Orange is The New Black

Without wanting to offend the fans, they lost Piper’s character at the beginning of the season, and nowadays we’re all about the adorable Poussey.

Screenshot: Joshifer Everlark/YouTube

4/ Mike Ehrmantraut in Breaking Bad

A genuine dealer, with a personality to go with it. And an excellent actor, who we would love to see appearing more often.

Screenshot: VikramSingh NinoX/YouTube

5/ Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead

Ever the effective leader, who seems to make only the right choices. We bet there would be fewer deaths under his governance!


6/ Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory

Even if there isn’t necessarily a main character in this series, in which many of them seem to be on the same level, at the beginning it seemed that Leonard was set to be the hero, or perhaps the ever direct Sheldon Cooper. That said, it’s Amy who seems to have stolen the show, with her challenging role, played with incredible skill.

Screenshot: MrTaylor991/YouTube