10 hilariously stupid dogs that give their species a bad name!

Dogs have a reputation for being intelligent. Or at least, certain breeds do! Border collies, Australian shepherds, poodles and German shepherds, these doggies all have brains to burn, and seem to have been genetically spared from stupidity! Cross-breed dogs also often appear to be shining examples of resourcefulness. That said, there are a few exceptions that prove the rule….

Dogs aren’t always as smart as we may think they are. Fear of water, fear of thunderstorms, or even of the vacuum cleaner can drive them to all sorts of silly antics. But let’s indulge them for a moment. Here are 10 dogs of all shapes, races and sizes, who don’t appear to be in the habit of looking before they leap…. Let’s not say too much about their intelligence….

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1/ Patiently waiting to be left in

Through an open door… He seems to need someone to mime the door-opening gesture before he can pass the threshold! Well trained or just stupid? We’re not here to judge….

2/ Drinking the shadows

Not the best way to hydrate…

3/ Obediently waiting in line

We must admit he’s well trained!

4/ He just wanted to be a cat

Sadly, he didn’t quite have the agility for it.

5/ Just dipping his paw in…

Oh no, wait!