10 bad puns and jokes that only true geeks will get

Our connected era depends enormously on information systems: we’d have no banks without servers, no movies without downloads, no jobs (almost) without computers, no websites without coding… So unless you are living underneath a hefty and sizeable rock, you can’t have missed the ever-present terms “Wi-fi”, “Bluetooth”, “Go” or “Ethernet”. But real geeks, the hardcore ones, have a whole other vocabulary at their disposition, which is constantly evolving. Here are a few plays on words that will have you either smiling or slapping your forehead in frustration….

1/ What does a geek do when his car breaks down?

He closes all the windows, exits, gets back in and re-starts it.

Credits: Wikipedia

2/ What is Internet Explorer good for?

For downloading Google Chrome.

3/ What is a geek’s new year’s resolution?


Credits: Wikipedia

4/ What does a geek do when he loses a video game?

He consoles himself.

5/ Why are zip files less and less common?

Because they are RAR.

6/ Why do geeks need to train as firemen?

To safely install firewalls.

Credits: Pixabay

7/ When does Windows not crash?

When the computer is switched off.

8/ What colour are a geek’s eyes?



9/ What does a heartbroken geek say?

Women are like domain names: the ones I like are all already taken!


10/ What do geeks collect on their holidays?


Credits: Flickr