18 amazing facts about the human body that you wouldn’t believe!

A wonder of nature

Our body is an incredible machine whose thousands of internal components have their own function. Here are some amazing facts that you may not know about the human body, your perfectly oiled machine!

1/  Our hair weighs the same as an apple

Depending on its length, our entire hair weighs between 5 and 200 grams, the equivalent of a medium sized apple (about 150 grams).


2/ We survive better without food than sleep

Under the condition of having water, one could survive one to two months without eating, according to its fat mass and other factors. Deprived of sleep, one would radically change personality and would see our mind altered after only a few days. The record will be 11 days.


3/ We are taller in the morning than at night

We gain up to 2 cm on waking, or rather, we lose 2 in the evening … Indeed, it would seem less to squeeze in elongated position than in vertical position. Why ? Because of the gravity. Lying down, the body would be less compressed by itself than standing.


4/ There are not 4 blood types but 29

We are led to believe (wrongly) that our blood groups are summarized as O, A, B or AB. In reality, there are more than 20 groups. The rarest of them are from a group of Japanese families.


5/There is more bacteria in our mouths than humans on the planet

Even with an ultra-rigorous dental hygiene, a single tooth will contain between 1000 and 100 000 bacteria. In addition to this, about 1 billion bacteria is in the saliva that we swallow every day … A fact that will give you the furious desire to go and wash your teeth!


6/ Men have fewer taste buds than women

Sorry, gentlemen, the surface of your tongue is less rich!