City nicknames: 15 local names for towns around Britain and abroad

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6/ “The Bride of the Sea” : Venice

This is a nickname given to a few coastal cities including Jaffa and Tripoli.  However in Venice there is a tradition that on Ascension Day the doge throws a consecrated ring into the sea.  In Latin the doge says “We wed thee sea, in sight of the lord” so that the city becomes married to the sea hence the famous nickname.

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7/ “The Big Smoke” : London

You might think this nickname comes from the fact that the immense capital of Britain puffs out pollution all day.  Although there is a link this is not the whole story.  The name actually refers to the Great Smog that hit the city in 1952. This unprecedented, atmospheric pollution phenomenon blanketed the capital in a thick layer smog for several days.

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8/ “Bristle” or “Brizzle” : Bristol

Brizzle is the colloquial way to say you come from Bristol. It rolls off the tongue especially if you have a Bristol accent.

City nicknames
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9/ “The City of the Violet Crown” : Athens

This name for the Greek capital apparently comes from the sunsets that that illuminates the city in a violet glow.

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10/ “Venice of the North” : Amsterdam

Amsterdam like Venice is linked by alleyways of canals but this time in a Nordic style. It might be also known as Bike City as cyclists rule the roads!

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