5 colourful events celebrated with flowers

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Around the globe, numerous flower festivals are celebrated every year. They either celebrate the arrival of Spring or even just aim at showcasting the beauty of Nature and local cultures. During theses events, the exquisite smell of flowers mingles with a myriad of fascinating colours and shapes. They also incorporate several entertaining activities for an unforgettable experience. Here is a list of some must-see events worldwide for flower lovers and globe trotters looking for original and memorable events.

Saint George’s day – Spain

casa battlo barcelona events celebrated with flowers
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On April 23rd, book and flower stalls are set up along the streets to celebrate the legend of Saint George in Barcelona. It is said that he saved a village and a princess by killing a dragon. Once victorious, the knight realized that the blood grew a rose that he offered to the princess. Thus, it is no surprise that people celebrate the day of their patron saint -and what is thought to be the Catalan Valentine´s Day- with a special tradition: offering roses or books to their beloved, friends, colleagues and family! Roses also adorn the facades of the extraordinary Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí that pays homage to Saint George. Both romantic and extremely joyful, this unique day will appeal not only to the dreamers but also to the generous hearts who love to please their loved ones and all the bookworms who will find the the latest publications and see well-known artists signing copies of their books.

Japan cherry blossom – Japan

cherry blossom events
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Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) and even Yozakura (cherry blossom night viewing) are both inescapable when enjoying the japanese landscapes. Indeed, these blooming trees exemplify perfectly the traditional beauty of this country and areto be enjoyed all over the country (Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and so on). Amongst them, visitors enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere that goes along this magical and ephemeral natural event. Several cities organize special events to celebrate it. For example, the Miyako Odori in Kyoto remains one of the most incredible traditional shows in the world with its dances, songs and theater productions.

Keukenhof Flower Exhibition – the Netherlands

tulips flowers in Keukenhof events
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From March to May, Keukenhof provides a unique backdrop for its 7 million spring-flowering bulbs which are planted in autumn to bloom in spring. Its flower park of 32 hectares of flowers gathers a variety of about 800 different tulips. Each year, it attracts more than a million visitors eager to discover huge colourful fields decorated with sculptures and other works of art as well as a traditional Dutch windmill. Keukenhof is one the the biggest gardens in Europe and celebrates Spring with numerous exhibitions, costumes, dances, a street organ, Dutch musicians and choirs playing music or boat trips through the flower bulb fields.

Battle of Flowers – All around the world

spring events battle of flowers
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Battle of Flowers are organized all over the world from Valencia in Spain to Ventimiglia in Italy, Jersey in the Channel Island or Saumur, Firminy, Luchon, Nice and Selestat in France. These festivals generally consist of music, food, funfairs, dancers and beautifully decorated parades of flower floats enchanting the crowds along the street. And once the gorgeous floats have made a couple of rounds around the route, the battle traditionally starts using flowers as ammunition!

Flower Festival – Madeira

Madeira flower festival
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Thanks to its extraordinarily pleasant climate, flower species from all over the world bloom in Madeira, the “island of flowers”. During the Flower Festival -just after Easter, in May- the population pays tribute to Spring and the abundance of flowers. It is a very cultural event where performances of folk groups as well as concerts, exhibitions and the flavour market fill the streets with life. Splendid floats ‘drowning in flowers’ and bright-coloured costumes bring joy but its most famous features are probably its “Wall of Hope” -a beautiful flower mural decorated by children- and its flower carpets and sculptures displayed on the streets.

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