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Recreating works of art: 18 unusual Before and After images

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7/ The Duke and Duchess of Urbino, Piero della Francesca

The recreation is certainly not as serious…

8/ The Apotheosis of War, Verechtchaguine

Prawn shells have replaced the worrying human skulls in Vassili Verechtchaguine’s painting. We wouldn’t have wanted it to be any more realistic…

9/ Italy and Germany, Overbeck

These two girls with fitting wardrobe attire have put the German painter Johann Friedrich Overbeck in the spotlight!

10/ The Young Rag Seller, Charles Guillaume Brun

The girl young who was old before her time!

11/ Saint Mary Magdeline, Ivanov

It is all in the folds.

12/ Albert Lynch

Two young girls as angelic as the other.