Worst Christmas presents: 17 gifts you’d not like to receive

Credits: Pinterest screen shots

Christmas presents… every year it is a big pa-lava! In fact it is just as much for the gift buyer as it is for the gift receiver. While some presents can be really thoughtful others leave a lot to be desired. This is the case for the following list of Christmas presents. The thought doesn’t always count…

Buying Christmas presents can be a stressful affair. Even if we say it is the thought that counts sometimes the presents that people buy us are unbelievably bad. Every year someone will give you a dust collecting trinket that you don’t know how to put to use. Instead it will clutter up your room. We bet you wouldn’t like to receive these 17 Christmas presents… Make your “black-list” now!

1/ Special smoking gloves

So that you never get frozen hands when you smoke a cigarette again! Perhaps not sending the right message to a loved one…

2/ A fluorescent toilet cleaner

You won’t miss the pan, even in the dark.

3/ A USB stick shaped like a tampon

Very bad taste. Or perhaps a way to keep all your information safe…

4/ Weighing scales

Not the best present, in fact just a bit mean. Are your close family and friends trying to say your are a bit too plump?

5/ An electric toothbrush

Well, I’m sure you could find a better idea… perhaps something that doesn’t suggest your breath smells!

6/ A moustache balaclava

A Granny that has put effort into something that doesn’t quite work. At least it will be a conversation starter and pull off a few laughs!