Workplace differences: 10 culturally different ways to work around the world

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6/ If Indian employees are so calm it is because they don’t see a limit to their work time

The concept of time in India could make for an interesting research project.  In the workplace and in your personal life, time seems to have no limits. A least not all the time.  In the west we tend to follow strict time schedules however Indian employees are much more relaxed as there is always time!

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7/ British people use three times as many polite phrases when writing emails

British people are known for being exceptionally polite.   When writing emails we can’t seem to help adding a least three positive and polite forms so our messages don’t come across as too blunt.  It is a classic stereotype which turns out to be pretty true!

différences professionnelles

8/ In Ireland being late is not considered disrespectful

Being on time is not a requirement. It wouldn’t be considered disrespectful to cancel an appointment or be late for a meeting.  However if you get really annoyed about someone not being on time it wouldn’t be taken lightly!  The Irish have a relaxed attitude.

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9/ In America you can have a meeting in front of the coffee machine or…  beer machine!

Some American business have set up beer machines like their coffee or water machine counterparts.  This is a way to create a relaxed environment for employees to share ideas.  Alcohol in the workplace doesn’t seem to be a real problem!

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10/ In Turkey it is culturally accepted that you will invite your colleagues to your wedding.

If you work in Turkey and think that you can avoid seeing your boss at your wedding you’ll be disappointed… Whether you’d like to or not, it is considered polite to invite your whole team at work to your wedding day.  Workplace traditions are not always better in other countries!

différences professionnelles
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Have you noticed any striking differences in workplace cultures around the world? 

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